Sep 22 , 2019

Rob Young


It would be redundant to post a picture of the mighty Hellcat here. Even pictures can’t do it justice. You still want a verdict though on the Hellcat versus the Telsa PX85? which actually beats the Hellcat in 0-60 times. All we can say is that the Hellcat actually inspires “Rat Rod” art as depicted here. The Telsa? um, maybe a science project.

What’s more the Hellcat at open throttle is like hearing Cat Scratch fever before Nugent went nuts. Caterwauling and over-the-top. While the Tesla has insane power, what it lacks, and this is important, is sound. The wail of a fueled V8 in full tune cannot be denied, and while the Hellcat wails, the Tesla trails, sounding like a modified Segway.   

There are a variety of sounds from cars, but three stand apart. The indisputable magic from the enviable Porsche inline 6, the roar of a Ferrari V12, and the brute force of a V8. This belies what the sound of a fully spooled turbo says, and displacement be damned, this is music in crescendo, especially near redline.

And as for the Tesla, I don’t agree that it’s the future of cars. Yes it has looks, it is the fastest four door sedan in the world, but it sill sounds like a kitten. Piped in sound can’t make it roar.