Man Stuff, Inc.

Man Stuff

Man Stuff, Inc. is a Small Corporation located in Minnesota. Creating Man Lotion in 2009®, our Man Stuff® line has expanded to 4 products.

Man Stuff products and packaging are made and sourced in the U.S.A. Our business base is other small American businesses. When we work with our neighbors, we help jobs stay in America. 

Please see our philanthropic efforts, currently under construction:


Sage, Lemongrass, Papaya, Almond Oil. The ingredients in our products read like a munchies run to a health food store. Which is by design. Because we think that what goes onto your skin should be as wholesome as what goes into your body. Man Wash, Man Rinse, Man Shave and Man Lotion have no parabens, petroleum by-products and no lanolin.

Man Stuff is the perfect solution anytime your skin feels like it’s been through a roofing session with tar melting in the bright hot sun without a beer. Get clean, get hydrated, get smooth hair and skin, get Man Stuff. Because men need their own stuff!

Man Stuff, Inc.

Ladies love our stuff, too. Man Stuff makes a perfect gift for any guy who's hard to buy for. Men of all ages will love having his own stuff. If your man is complaining your shampoo is making him feel like a floral bouquet,  it's time. Because men need their own stuff!

The Whole Enchilada

Men use different tools to battle rough skin, bad smells and all the other stuff guys have to deal with. Which makes this a perfect time to try Man Stuff's complete line of men's personal care products. Hair, beard, skin care is what we are all about. Letting your choice of cologne or aftershave shine through is our goal.