Common Skin Concerns for Men

Aug 09 , 2022


Rob Young

Common Skin Concerns for Men

Men have unique skin care issues and Man Stuff has the answer. Men sometimes associate skin care with cosmetics. It’s not the same!  Men need help with the most common skin conditions, mainly because they have not established a skin care routine. We will look at what causes men’s skin to be different than women’s and what the solutions to these most common skin problems are.

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The most common skin care concerns for men can affect guys of all ages and ethnicities. Boys and young men have higher levels of testosterone, especially during adolescence. This increase in hormone levels is only one cause of common skin issues.

Sensitive skin is more likely to be prone to allergies and react to external influences. UV light and wind are also hard on skin. Sun effects on hair and face are obvious, but skin cancer and other dermatology problems can also become serious health issues for men. In addition, men really ignore their skin! Skin is the largest organ on our bodies. It’s hard to remember that skin is an actual organ.  Let’s examine these common men’s skin concerns and look at solutions.

Identifying Summer Men’s Common Skin Problems

Some common men’s skin care problems include

  • oily skin
  • heat & sun rash
  • acne
  • dry skin
  • razor burn
  • sun triggered cold sores, or herpes

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In summer when the UV rays are strong diligence is needed to keep man skin soft and hydrated and safe. Extra sun exposure and sweating can create oily skin. Oily skin can lead to acne and other skin issues. Keeping your skin clean and properly hydrated is crucial to avoid oily skin. It’s not enough to wash the oil off. You have to replace the moisture the oil creates. Typically, most men don’t use lotion. They don’t like the greasy feeling and they especially don’t like the feminine smell.

When we first started our product line, we consulted with lots of men on what they needed in order to regularly use a moisturizing lotion. They all said the same thing! No feminine smell and no greasy residue. We developed Man Lotion to leaving no lingering scent or slippery feeling. Men’s skin is very different from women’s and a young man’s skin is different still. It's hot and it's either dry or humid, depending on where you live. If you work outdoors, you are sweating A LOT. Man Stuff is there to make you look and feel your best!

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Heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair and skin. Getting men to understand the importance of protection against the sun is hard! Our culture has equated a “healthy” tan as a sign of beauty and being active. It’s really skin damage, which is cumulative. Which means each time you step outside into the sun without protection, you are adding damage to damage to your skin and scalp.

The incidence of skin cancer in men is so high. Men wear hats that don’t protect their ears. A lot of times they are shirtless, and they almost never apply sunscreen. Men tend to think that facial and skin care is the same as cosmetics, and it’s not. Not properly taking care of skin and scalp can lead to skin cancer, hair loss and scalp issues. The scalp is one place most people don’t think of, but the scalp is especially susceptible to skin cancer. Using sunscreen all over your body, including scalp is the best way to prevent skin damage, and skin cancer.

Sunscreen products have come a long way! No longer are they greasy and cause you to sweat because your pores are clogged. They are made especially for sports, the working man and people who spend a lot of time in the sun. Some of them are even “go on dry” products. Find a sunscreen you like and make a daily routine of applying and reapplying sunscreen products as needed.

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A lot of people think acne is reserved for the awkward teenager. Not true! Adults can also have acne with different triggers. Boys between 10 and 19 are more likely to develop acne and require treatment. Acne develops when the oil production increases as testosterone increases. This increased oil production makes acne more likely to develop in younger men. The reasons behind adult acne can range from the use of oily, greasy hair products, which can clog pores to the side effects of prescription drugs to even excessive sweating.  Keeping clean with Man Wash can help by not clogging pores or leaving a oily or greasy residue.

Men who are sweating can really exacerbate acne on the face and back, and it can be hard to control. You can see a dermatology specialist, or you can try to control it yourself. Start by keeping your skin clean! Wash twice a day, and especially after sweating. Use Man Wash for both your hair and skin. Man Wash won’t dry out your skin or scalp, and the essential plant extracts are salon grade quality and specially formulated to leave skin and scalp conditioned, but never greasy or oily. Use a fresh wash cloth each time you wash your face, and use a clean razor each time you shave. Finish off with a fresh and clean white cotton t-shirt which is the best thing to have close to your skin.


Dry skin is a common skin problem for men. Pollution, harsh detergents, sun and too much alcohol-based skin products can cause dry skin. Not drinking enough water and lack of hydration are also a huge factor. Natural oils are needed for the skin to retain moisture, and over washing can strip skin of its natural oils. It’s important to use a good moisturizer designed for men. Man Lotion fills the bill! The secret…it’s designed just for men, with no feminine smell, greasy residue or oily feeling. The ingredients include salon quality plant extracts, but never any parabens or petroleum by-products. Man Lotion used daily will keep your man skin soft and touchable!

Men’s skin care has come a long way since your Dad’s day. A solid daily routine can make all the difference in controlling common skin issues and keep your face and body looking their best!   Men’s skin is different. It’s should be treated differently too. The help a man needs with his skin will be so much different when it comes to choosing products that he really needs a product that is designed especially for him! Not just ingredients, but really easy to recognize.

Man Stuff has you covered! With it’s woodsy Sandalwood Bourbon scent and it’s Manly Logo, Man Stuff is sure to be just yours, no sharing with the ladies of the house.  Using a good exfoliating cloth is also helpful occasionally to remove dead surface cells from the top layer of your skin, allowing Man Lotion to properly penetrate the skin, keeping it hydrated and protecting it from becoming dry.

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Razor burn is an itchy, red rash on the skin that occurs after shaving. It can be caused by several factors, and it can be prevented by doing a few simple things. Razor burn is caused by the blade of the razor going too deep into the skin, scraping away hair and causing micro-tears in the skin.

There are many ways to prevent razor burn after shaving. First, exfoliate your skin before shaving or waxing to remove dead cells that clog pores and cause ingrown hairs. Use a  high-quality shaving cream like Man Shave to keep a layer of product between the razor and your skin while you shave and protect it from irritation. Man Shave is specially formulated to prevent razor burn with it’s cold cream base and thick, luxurious formula. No foam or gel, Man Shave is applied with a little water and your fingertips. This will help lift up the hairs, which will allow for a closer shave, resulting in less irritation and razor burn.

Regular shaving can also lead to razor burn and shaving related skin problems. Treating your face with care when using that razor will help! You’re not mixing concrete, you’re shaving to take care to be gentle and use Man Shave followed with Man Lotion for a close shave and soft, touchable skin.

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There are some things that absolutely require medical attention, and sun triggered herpes is one of them. Cold sores, or herpes can really be exacerbated in hot  summer weather when we are outside more. It’s hard to protect the mouth area. You can apply sunscreen on your face, but not your lips. Sun triggered herpes are a common viral infection. Not really a disease, but it can be reoccurring and knowing what triggers it in you is important to stop an outbreak from starting. Herpes can last several days or several weeks, so getting ahead of it is crucial. Seeing a dermatologist is necessary for the diagnosis. Herpes is triggered in UV light, and UV radiation can lead to skin cancer.

Also, UV radiation suppresses the immune system in sensitive people, allowing HPV viruses to flourish. Herpes requires testing to confirm the diagnosis, then it’s important to avoid the sun! Wear a hat with a wide brim to avoid sunlight on your face by shielding it from the damaging UV rays. Sunscreen won’t protect the area around the mouth that is susceptible to herpes. Avoid contact with others as it is transmitted through direct contact. Avoid kissing! If the cold sores are getting worse, or accompanied by fever, muscle aches or swollen lymph nodes, call your doctor.

Men don’t want to smell like a girl.

The main reason men won’t use a moisturizer or follow a daily self-care routine is because they don’t like the floral or powder scent of women’s lotions.  Men want a manly scent. Man Stuff has a light, manly scent that won’t compete with your choice of aftershave or cologne. It has a woodsy, manly scent of Sandalwood Bourbon and no floral or powder notes. Man Stuff products were in research and development for over a year to get the perfect blend of ingredients right for men, resulting in products that men would actually use. This meant finding just the right scent, with the right notes.

Many feminine smelling personal care products like lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner all have a powder or floral note. This is the kryptonite for guys! They hate smelling like flowers or baby powder. So what do they do? They either try the ladies stuff and wash it off right away, or they don’t use anything at all. Man Lotion is specially formulated to soak in quickly and leave no greasy residue or lingering scent. This goes for all Man Stuff products. You don’t have to worry about Man Stuff products competing with your choice of aftershave or cologne.

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Once you step out of the shower, or rub in Man Lotion, or finish shaving with Man Shave, use whatever personal scent you love! You won’t smell Man Stuff in the mix. It’s something we really worked hard to accomplish.

SO many men’s personal care products are loaded with scent. Like a dryer sheet. We want Man Stuff to be your go to product for all your personal care needs. Go to because you love it! It’s yours “Because men need their own stuff!”  It was made for you, not the ladies and then adapted for you.

We started with a group of manly men and asked them why they wouldn’t use personal care or grooming products. Their response, “we hate greasy stuff and we don’t want to smell girly” was what we heard! It became our mission and goal with the entire Man Stuff brand. We think you will agree.

Man Lotion Man Wash Man Rinse Man Shave

Solutions to men’s skin concerns

One thing we need to do is convince men that “beauty” routine isn’t about make up! It’s not cosmetics! It’s about making your own body the best it can be. Whether it’s exercise or grooming routine, convincing men that skin care is necessary and needed is a hard sell. Man Stuff makes it a little easier!

With a manly logo and woodsy scent, men are more inclined to use something made just for them. When we developed Man Stuff, we consulted with manly men like these guys!

We asked our panel of men not what do you want, but what DON’T you want in your grooming products? What turns you off? What makes you use a daily grooming product? The answer was OVERWHELMING! They all basically said the same thing. We don’t want to smell like a flower and it can’t be greasy!

We took that info to the lab and came up with our signature product, Man Lotion. Designed for working men. Men who use tools. Men who need moisture but not grease. Men who need to grip their tools. Men who don’t’ want sandpaper hands. We worked for months to get the formula right and Man Lotion met our panels expectations, and then some.

Start your day the easy way with Man Wash.

 Man Wash is a body wash and shampoo in one bottle! “Why do I need two bottles in the shower, it’s all soap!” Actually, soap and shampoo have different qualities and functions. Using body wash on your hair will usually dry it out.

Soap is meant to remove oils and bacteria that cause body odor. Shampoo is meant to clean hair without drying out skin, or scalp which leads to dandruff. Man Wash With Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter and Grapefruit Seed Extract and woodsy smell, will leave your skin and scalp clean, fresh and never dried out. We worked hard to get the right mix of emollients and cleansers to accomplish our mission…just one bottle in your Man Shower for your man hairs AND man skin. 

Beard Hairs are hard and stiff!

Beard hair is notoriously stiff and scratchy. No one wants that! Man Rinse is specially formulated just for men. Most men won’t use a hair conditioner because it leaves a residue they don’t like. Man Rinse makes your man hairs soft and manageable! First, shower and shampoo with Man Wash.

Follow up and soften that man beard with Man Rinse. Man Rinse will leave your man hairs soft, manageable and touchable with Green Tea, Sage and Lemongrass. Men especially hate conditioner! However, that’s exactly why they need convincing that beard and hair conditioner can protect against dry, scratchy hair. Sun and pollution can wreak havoc on hair and skin. Man Rinse helps to keep beard hair soft and manageable, not stiff and scratchy. Facial hair should be soft! Use Man Rinse each time you wash your beard or hair.

man with thick beard in a t-shirt and claw earringsring

Shaving is the age-old dilemma

If you love your beard, stop here. If you are a shaver, continue! To shave or not to shave, that is the question.  Shaving is traumatic! Think about it. You are dragging a very sharp blade across your soft skin and slicing off stiff hair. It’s no surprise that men’s skin goes through torture just to look good. And they say women are the only ones to suffer pain and suffering to look good!

Man Shave took the longest for us to formulate. We wanted the perfect mixture of emollients and protective barrier, and something that would work with your choice of razor. No matter how many blades you like, Man Shave is your guy! Man Shave is a cold cream-based shaving cream. No aerosol, no gel. Just thick, rich Sandalwood Bourbon scented cream.

Perfect for straight blade shaving. Straight blade shaving is all the rage, which is a little strange considering how old the straight blade razor is. Straight blade shaving is different! It requires a much thicker emollient and protective layer than a regular multi-blade razor. Man Shave with Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil has the perfect blend to give you a close shave without the blade dragging on your skin. Man Shave will leave your skin soft, touchable…kissable!

Old fashioned barber giving a straight blade shave to bald customer with handlebar mustache

Last but never least

Finish off your New Summer Routine with Man Lotion! Don't have dry sandpaper hands...use Man Lotion on your man skin! With no lingering scent or residue, you'll be sure to get your skin in shape for summer exposure. Unprotected skin suffers the worst of what the environment can do.

Although most people love the warmth and light of the sun, too much sun exposure can significantly damage skin. The sun's heat dries out areas of unprotected skin and depletes the skin's supply of natural lubricating oils. In addition, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) radiation can cause burning and long-term changes in the skin's structure. Men are especially susceptible. Many men work outside in the sun. Most men are reluctant to use sunscreen for a myriad of reasons. They don’t like the smell, it’s greasy, it leaves a lingering scent that competes with their choice of aftershave or cologne.

man with beard and sunglasses looking to the right

Our Sandalwood bourbon scent has not one wiff of feminine smell! No girly, flowery, powdery stink. Just manly, woodsy scent that complements a man. Man Lotion  is perfect for everyday use. Apply everyday right out of the shower to lock in the moisture of your skin. Follow up with your choice of sunscreen. By getting into a daily grooming routine that covers your hair and skin you are preventing premature aging and wrinkles. Now who doesn’t want that! Don’t look older than your years. Get into a routine now and carry it throughout your life! You’ll be the guy everyone says, “No Way, you can’t be that old, you look so young!” Now you’re completely ready to have a manly day!

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