New Year, New Decade, New Chances

Jan 05 , 2020


Rob Young

New Year, New Decade, New Chances

It's a New Year and a brand New Decade. Just like in Forest Gump, New Years is when everyone gets a chance to start over.  I've always made big, gonna-make-my-life-better-all-by-March resolutions. By February, those big resolutions are a distant memory. This year, no big ones. I am making little resolutions, real resolutions that are attainable on a daily basis. Being grateful, remembering those who have less and giving, giving thanks to those who make my day brighter in real time. I am going to let those little triumphs give me courage for bigger ones. I hope you find some attainable, little triumphs too. It's the little, quiet steps that lead somewhere. #happynewyear #realresolutions #littlesteps #manstuff #goforit

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